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Name: Rajesh KB, Manjusree Rajesh
Typology: Residential ( Contemporary )
Built area: 4000 sqft
Site area: 1200 sq. ft(20/60)
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Completed: 2019Project by: Bregosh, Cbedesign Studio
Key: 20*60 site

An alluring contemporary. Residential project with appealing greenery and garden over the top and bottom with lots of architectural elements all over the interior and exterior. A white tree-shaped vertical design is the highlight of the house in exterior and interiors, like rain shades, sit out floor glass, and interior staircase rail. The architect has given importance especially the flooring design as well as ceiling. Since its a narrow space architect is given the translucent things like glass staircase and handrails. A long v-shaped vertical white-colored crockery and rose gold glass finished crystal shelves are the fascinating features. Custom made engraved golden glass design in the backdrop of the pooja along with indirect lighting all over the space gives an aura to the area. A water art featuring in the internal doors like a blue river passing through the iced field shows the love towards nature

Name : Siju mon
Typology : Contemporary
Build up area : 16000 sft
Site area : 65 cents
Location : Kalady , Kerala

The proposed residence is located at Kaladi which is 7 Km (approx.) away from the International Airport. On the bank of the river Periyar, the design complements the site and its surroundings. An area of 16000 Sq.ft (approx.) with all the requirements of a contemporary life style. Proposal includes 5 bedrooms, 3 Living area and a formal and informal kitchen. A well landscaped site at the front and rear adds to the beauty of its ambiance.

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Name : Fareed Khan & Rasheed Khan

Resort Name : Captial by white sand Lakshadweep.

Location : Lakshadweep